Best Amazon Upcoming Sale Dates & Offers You can’t miss in 2022

The most amazing guide for the Best Amazon Upcoming Sales, Offers & Dates for 2022 is here! Check out the dates for all the must-know sales and be prepared to save yourselves some big bucks. Find an unlimited number of offers on your choice of items.

We have prepared a list of Amazon Upcoming Sale dates and offers for 2022 that is meant to give you an idea of when will be the best time to shop in the most budget-friendly way possible. Every year Amazon has a list of many sales that provide customers with amazing offers. The sale season can be contrasting for different categories and it can become super tricky to keep a track of all the great sales Amazon has to offer.

These Amazon India sale offers are a shoppers paradise with deals which will leave you in shock, on almost all items and products that you could imagine. The best part about Amazon sales is that they are so department-specific and you can easily time your big and expensive purchases according to each sale. Just scrolling through these sales will make you want to purchase everything you can see.

Catalogue of Amazon India Upcoming Sale Dates & Offers for 2022 Which You Cannot Miss:

We have collected and made a list of all Amazon sale dates for the year 2022. We have made a list for every month so that you can keep a track of all the dates, which sale is happening when, what are the best offers in each sale, what items will be on sale and what will be the steal deals that you absolutely cannot miss in every sale. Here is the list of all the Amazon Upcoming Sale.

Amazon Upcoming Sales in January 2022 That will Keep you Scrolling!

January has some really exciting sales especially because it is the start of a new year. Everyone is looking forward to new beginnings and it is even considered a good omen to buy new items close to the new year. The auspiciousness of the month is enhanced by the Amazon sales happening in January.

1 . Amazon New Year Sale 2022 To Start the Year With a Bang!

To mark the start of an amazing year, the first sale is Amazon New Year Sale 2022 that starts from 1st January and goes onto 5th January 2020. The Amazon new year sale includes an exclusive sale on expensive electronics products especially televisions, an amazon sale on mobiles and laptops. You also get access to the clearance sale which has some really great steal deals.

Here are the Amazon New year Sale Offers 2022, you get up to 50% off on mobiles, laptops and televisions. Get offers and deals on Amazon fashion brands. The New Year sale is not department-specific and you get to enjoy multi-department store offers!

2. Amazon Super Value Day Sale That Will Make Your Day!

The Amazon super value day starts on the 1st of January to the 7th of January. The sale is exclusive to groceries and daily essentials. You get exclusive day-long discounts on amazon fresh and Amazon Pantry. The super vale sale is the perfect day to restock the home pantry, groceries and fill up your refrigerator.

You are in luck if you possess an SBI credit card or an ICICI bank credit or debit card because you can avail of an exclusive extra 10% discount on your purchase.

3. Amazon Republic Day Sale 2022 in Honour Of Our Freedom!

The Amazon Republic Day sale 2021 is a mega sale which you just cannot miss! The Amazon Republic Day Sale 2022 dates are as follows, it starts on the 20th of January and ends on the 24th of January 2022.

This is also a multi-departmental sale that features exclusive deals across departments like beauty, books, electronics and fashion. The biggest discounts can be found on mobile phones and Laptops. You also get discounts on big home appliances like fridges.

Here are some of the Amazon Republic Day offers 2022, you get up to 60% off on select brands from the Amazon fashion store. You get up to 40% discounts on Amazon electronics and you get up to 40% discounts on Amazon appliances.

Amazon Sale in February 2022 With Mind-blowing offers

February is often said to be the month of love. Couples are the main target audience who are found to be shopping this month and they contribute to the majority of sales this month. Amazon sure does capitalize on the month of love and offers an exclusive sale on all products that a couple might need.

1 . Amazon Valentine’s Day Sale 2022 Is A Treat For Your Loved Ones

The Amazon Valentine’s day sale 2022 starts on the 7th of February and goes on to 14th February 2022. Here are all the Amazon valentine’s day sale offers in 2022. Watches for him/her see big discounts and you can get up to 60% off on big brands like Fossil, Titan and many more.

Another department you need to keep a watch on is the beauty and cosmetic section because you get some stunning deals from up to 50% off on premium fragrances and offers on self-care products like shaving kits/ grooming kits for men.

Avail the Best Discounts on Amazon Upcoming Sale in March 2022

March is signified by all the beautiful colours the month sees. All the Indian households look forward to Holi. March is seen as an auspicious month of celebration. Amazon has a mega sale for Holi which has blockbuster deals that make your Holi even better.

1. Amazon Holi Sale 2022: Bring Colour Into Your Life!

The Amazon holi sale 2022 starts from 15th March 2022 and ends on 19th March 2022. Here are the amazon holi sale offers for 2022, you get heavily discounted prices of clothes especially salwar suit sets for women and Kurtas for men. You also get exciting offers on a daily basis under the deal of the day.

If you are someone who uses digital money/online wallets then you can avail fantastic cashback offers on Paytm and Amazon wallet.

The Upcoming Amazon Sales in April 2022 For Amazing Deals!

With the spring season at its peak, the month of April gets 2 major sales, one of the GudiPadwa Festival which marks the new year for Marathi and Konkani Hindus. April is also the month where a new academic year begins for school students. The Amazon back-to-school sale is also a mega sale you should keep an eye out for.

1. Amazon GudiPadwa Sale

The GudiPadwa sale starts on the 10th of April and ends on the 13th of April. Here are the Amazon GudiPadwai Sale offers 2022. The Amazon fashion department sees huge offers from discounts up to 40% off on major brands including the amazon brands Tavasya, Myx and many more. You also get a Buy 1 Get 1 deal on select clothing collections from ethnic brands.

2. Amazon Back to School Sale For Those Enthusiastic Students

The Amazon back to school sale is one of the most infamous sales of amazon and it starts from the 7th of April and goes on to the 14th of April.

Amazon back to school sale 2022 offers are super amazing and you should not miss them out at all. If you are a school student or if your child is back to school the Amazon back to school sale gives you great offers on stationery, school shoes, Tupperware, water bottles and so many more items. you get offers on journalism books and academic books that would cost much more if you buy them without the sale season.

Enjoy Amazon Sales in May 2022 To Cool You Off!

The month of May officially marked the beginning of Summer with this season changing Amazon offers of a big sale to kick off your summer of 2022 with brand new items. The biggest sale in the month of May that Amazon offers is the Amazon summer sale.

1. Amazon Summer Sale 2022 That Will Make You Cool Down Looking at Low Prices

The Amazon summer sale 2022 is the perfect place to shop for the entire summer season 2022. Amazon summer sale 2022 dates begin from the 15th of May and go on to the 19th May. The four days sale offers different offers in different departments every day. If you want to get the advantage of the entire sales keep out for major offers on different departments on different days this will help you make the most of the summer sale.

We definitely recommend you to check out the Amazon summer sale offers 2022 on the beauty and cosmetics department because you get some major discounts on accessories, sensors and all the big cosmetic brands. The beauty department sees up to 40% off on different items along with cashback offers on HDFC, SBI and paying from Amazon wallet.

The Best Deals To Avail From Amazon Upcoming Sales in June 2022

Amazon gives you a big save the month deal of June 1st is the monsoon sale which is offered to you so you can celebrate your monsoon season. The second sale which Amazon gives you is the Amazon fashion wardrobe refresh sale which is made for sale in the fashion department that we absolutely advise you to check out.

1. Amazon Monsoon Sale- Stay Indoors and Shop

The Amazon monsoon sale 2022 starts on the 15th of June and ends on the 19th of June. Here are the Amazon monsoon Sale offers, the home & lifestyle and electronics departments get major offers from slashed prices to great daily offers.

You also get exchange offers on electronics, especially mobile phones. The Home and lifestyle department gives you combo offers and slashed prices. Mega discounts up to 40% off are given on bedsheets, bed covers, table ornaments, table covers, cushion covers and many more home items.

2. Amazon Fashion Wardrobe Refresh Sale To Replenish Your Wardrobe

Amazon fashion wardrobe refresh sale 2022 begins on the 22nd of June and goes onto the 25th of June 2022. The Wardrobe refresh sale is a perfect excuse for you to style yourself in new clothes and by some amazing brands at heavily discounted prices the Wardrobe refresh sale is also another chance for you to avail amazing Amazon offers that you missed before.

The Wardrobe refresh sale is a part of the Amazon fashion sale 2022. The western wear section of the fashion department gets great offers cashback and discounts especially on brands like Jack and Jones Levis, Van Husen, Puma, Pepe Jeans and many more big brands.

Hottest Amazon Upcoming Sales July 2022 To Look Out For!

The month of July is dedicated to all of the Amazon Prime customers because the only major saying that happens in July is a prime day sale which is accessible to only prime members. You get premium offers, fast delivery, big cashback and exclusive discounts across all departments.

1. Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022 For Prime Users Only

The Amazon Prime day sale 2022 starts on the 26th of July and ends on the 27th of July. It is a two-day sale and we advise you to not miss even a single second if it is especially when you are a prime customer. Sure are some exciting Amazon Prime day sale offers 2022.

First of all to all the Citibank credit card owners and HDFC credit card owners, along with being a prime member you also get an additional 10% discount on every purchase you make in the prime day sale.

The biggest highlight of the prime day sale 2022 is the lightning deals that run out superfast hence the name. The lightning builds heavy discounts sometimes even more than 50% off on big brands. You need to keep an eye out for them because you absolutely do not want to miss them out.

Another unique department that you get offers on, is the movies department where you can buy movies and other entertainment options at a much-discounted rate, of course all these offers are only available to prime members.

Amazon Upcoming Sales in August 2022- Get Ready For the Fall of Prices!

The month of August is solely dedicated to Independence and freedom. 15th August marks the Independence Day of India and Amazon makes sure that you celebrate the independence of our country with flamboyance. You get a freedom festival sale in August and a long Independence Day sale, both of which have some blockbuster offers.

1. Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022- Free Yourself From High Prices

Amazon Great freedom festival sale 2022 Is a 5-day festival dedicated to the Independence of our country. The Amazon Freedom sale has some Mega discounts across all departments and combo deals which will leave you shocked. The Amazon great freedom festival sale 2022 dates are 5th to 9th August 2022.

Amazon freedom sale 2022 offers range from Fashion discounts to slashed prices all across the electronics department. You can find the best offers on home and kitchen appliances, home decor, bed sheets and other Lifestyle items which are also great gifting options. The electronics department series great cashback offers and exchange offers on brands like MI, Samsung, And one plus.

2. Amazon Independence day sale 2022 – Free Your Mind With Amazing Deals

Amazon independence day sale 2022 is a 3 days sale with dynamic offers across different departments which change each day. The biggest discounts are given to the fashion and apparel department.

Ethnic brands like the waist ya mix Biba w Indigo and many more up to 50% discounts. Discounts are offered on Salwar suits and kurtas for women. You also get discounts on ethnic wear and casual wear for men.

The Amazon Independence Day sale 2022 dates are 12th to 15th August 2022. Keep an eye out on the deal of the day section because you get lightning offers that can get sold out pretty quickly.

Shop at Upcoming Amazon Sales in September 2022 For the Most Dazzling Deals!

The month of September is seen as a mega sale month for Amazon to get sales which are seen as the flagship sales of Amazon. You kickstart the month with the ‘Amazon Great Indian Festival sale’ which lasts almost a week.

Just after this festival you get the infamous ‘Amazon big billion days sale’ which undoubtedly has the best offers that Amazon gives in the entire year and in the middle of the month the festive season of Dussehra and Amazon dedicates an entire Dussehra sale to the festive season.
The month of October has Amazon upcoming sale on laptops which are a part of the various sales that occur in October.

1. Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022- A Cater to All Your Festive Needs

The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022 dates are 24th September to 30th September 2022, and we suggest you mark this in your calendar because missing them would be a huge loss. Amazon great Indian festival 2021 starts early for prime members. Great news for HDFC Bank members because you get a 10% instant discount.

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022 offers are a mega clearance sale on the electronic Store which has up to 70% discounts on items like laptops, polaroid cameras, mobile accessories, laptop accessories, digital watches and many other electronic items.

It is also Amazon next sale in 2022. You get up to 70% discounts on the men and women fashion departments you can shop footwear clothing accessories and see discounts for all these items. Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 is definitely a shopper paradise. You even get exclusive product launches that are only a part of this sale.

2. Amazon Big Billion Days Sale 2022 – Get Billions of Discounts!

The Amazon Big Billion Days Sale 2022 dates are 26th to 30th September 2022. The 5 days sale offers big discounts on electronics exchange, offers on electronic accessories and exciting offers across various departments. The Amazon big billion days 2022 are one of the most awaited sales that Amazon offers in 2022.

In the Amazon Big Billion Days Sale 2022, you get value packs in the fashion department brands like Symbol, Mix and Tavasya. Big billion days are also a great time to replenish your kitchen appliances and glassware because you get up to 80% off on kitchen appliances, glassware, crockery and other utensils.

You get 50% off on garden essentials, outdoor decor and gardening accessories which is the kind of discount that not many sales offer.

Amazon Big Billion Days Sale offers 2022 are like no other sale on Amazon or any other platform. You need to mark this date on your calendar because this is the best time to shop, replenish your wardrobe and replenish your kitchen at heavily discounted prices.

The Amazing Amazon Upcoming Sales October 2022 For Your Winter Comfort

The month of October gets a lot of opportunities for Sale. You have the Dhanteras sale, the Amazon Diwali sale and the Dusshera sale which makes the entire month of November a great month to shop.

1. Amazon Dussehra Sale 2022 – Kill off all the High Prices And Get Your Items At Affordable Rates

Amazon makes your Dussehra season much more affordable if you shop from the dates of 4th to 5th October 2022. Amazon Dussehra sale offers 2022 makes gifting a very affordable ordeal. You get discounts on nuts, fragrances, diyas, house decor items, watches and other accessories which are super amazing gifts and no one will know for what a discounted price you got them for.

2. Amazon Dhanteras Sale 2022 To Bring Some Wealth Into Your Home

Dhanteras is seen as an auspicious day to buy new items for the upcoming festival of Diwali markets are flooded and so are online platforms and hence Amazon makes it very affordable to buy a lot of new items on the occasion of Dhanteras. The Amazon Dhanteras sale 2022 is a one day sale that happens on the 23rd of October 2022.

The major departments that receive gracious discounts on the Dhanteras Sale are the electronics, home and appliances and fashion departments. You get up to 50% discount on all of these departments and you also get cashback offers specially for cardholders of the HDFC bank and Citibank. Also, get offers on Amazon Pantry for sweets and chocolates.

3. Amazon Diwali Sale 2022 Offers Discounts Will Blow Your Mind

Amazon Diwali Sale 2022 is a Mega 4 day sale. Amazon Diwali sale 2022 dates are 20th to 24th October 2021. Diwali is a season of lights and Amazon maintains this reputation by giving huge discounts on home appliances especially lighting options. You get up to 50% off on lighting solutions by Philips, Panasonic and Okaya.

The other Amazon Diwali sale offers 2022 are discounted prices on watches by fossil and Casio for men as well as women which make them a premium and affordable gifting options. Discounts you also get discounts in the fashion department especially on ethnic wear for men and women. 50% off on brands like Biba, W, Mix and Indigo.

Coolest Amazon Sale in November 2022 You Just Have to Check Out!

The month of November is a Paradise for everyone looking to buy electronics because the only Major sale you get in November 2022 is the Amazon Black friday sale which is less of a sale and more of a festival that has a lot of offers across all items in the electronics department.

1. Amazon Electronics Sale 2022 For the Tech Savy

Amazon electronics sale 2022 starts on the 15th of September and goes on to the 18th of September. This 4 days sale has some exciting offers on televisions, home appliances, kitchen appliances, mobile phones, laptops and any other electronic accessory.

If you need to get a new phone this is the best time to do it because you get exchange offers and discounts on brands like MI, Samsung, one plus, Huawei and Redmi.

Amazon Electronics Sale 2022 offers discounts on televisions from Samsung Panasonic MI Xiaomi and Sony. Kitchen appliances see discounts up to 40% off and other cashback offers depending on which credit cards you use.

2. Amazon Black Friday Sale 2022 For the Most Cheapest Rates

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2022 Dates are 27th to 30th November 2022. The 3-day sale is in honour of the Christian festival of Black Friday. Amazon India Black Friday Sale 2022 Offers heavy discounts on Western wear in both Men’s and Women’s fashion departments with discounts up to 40% off.
You also get great exchange offers on Mobiles and Laptops. Make sure you check out the deal of the day section because that also features some steal deals which you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Best Amazon Sales in December 2022 To End the Year With the Best Deals!

Amazon closes the year with two great sales: The Amazon year end sale and the Amazon Christmas sale which is also the best time to replenish and revamp your wardrobe with winter styles.

1. Amazon Year End Sale 2022 To End the Year With A Bang

Amazon Year-end sale 2022 is one of the longest sales of the year that goes on from the 15th to 31st December 2022. Amazon year-end sale 2022 offers major discounts on winter wear with up to 60% off trench coats, sweaters, pullovers, jackets, boots and scarves. You get discounts on big brands like Vero Moda Van Husen and Mango.

Get up to 50% off on budget laptops and smartphone categories which make them an even more affordable option. Also get discounts on self-care and beauty products on brands like mama Earth, Maybelline, the man company, the women company etc.

2. Amazon Christmas Sale 2022 – Become Your Own Santa Claus

Amazon Christmas Sale 2021 starts from 22nd December and goes on till the 25th December 2022. You get major discounts on all gifting items like watches, fragrances, chocolates and clothing combos. HDFC cardholders get an instant 10% discount. Amazon Christmas Sale offers 2022 are up to 40% off on the beauty and healthcare department. You get 30-70 % off on the electronics department and up to 50% off on books and entertainment options.

What are the benefits of shopping during the Amazon Upcoming Sales in 2022?

There are major benefits to shopping during the Amazon sale season. Amazon Offers are not the only amazing thing about the Amazon Sale season. Other benefits that you get when you shop in an Amazon sale.

1. Additional Discount through Bank Offers

You can avail many exciting bank offers depending on which credit or Debit card you use. Up to 10% extra discount is given to credit and debit card users. HDFC, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank and Citibank generally get instant discounts, especially in the Amazon upcoming sale.

2. Exchange Offer on Mobiles & Electronic Items

The Upcoming sales on Amazon, features some great exchange offers, especially in the electronics department. The Amazon Sale season is the perfect time to renew your old mobile phone and laptop for a new one and even get a discount on it. Depending on which brand and model you use, Amazon gives you a discount rate on the new purchase you make in an Amazon Sale.

3 . Amazing Benefit of No Cost EMI

A great feature of the Amazon sale is No cost EMI. If you want to make an expensive purchase but cannot pay the lump-sum amount, Amazon gives you a way to pay for it in instalments with any added cost into the original price.

Ending Remarks on Amazon Upcoming Sales, Offers & Dates 2022

Amazon has some great sales seasons that make shopping much more affordable. All the sales are around the dates when people shop the most which make them even more convenient and favourable for the consumer. It would be a huge loss to miss out on any one of these sales so keep your eyes wide open! We hope all the information makes it simple for you to navigate through the Amazon Sale season of 2022. Happy Shopping!