Best Flipkart Upcoming Sales, Offers & Dates 2022 Which You Have to Mark on Your Calendar

Check the Flipkart Upcoming Sales, Offers & Dates for 2022 to avail of amazing discounts and grab steal deals all year long!

We bring you all the Flipkart Upcoming Sale dates and offers for 2022, where you can buy apparel, appliances, electronics, appliances and so much more at really cheap rates. Flipkart is India’s largest online store that every household loves and trusts.

We have made shopping super easy and simple for you by curating a list of all sales according to all the twelve months for the entire year. Not just that we bring to you all the exciting Flipkart Offers that you need to keep an eye on.

If you are smart, you can plan all your yearly shopping for everything according to the sale season and we promise you, you will end up saving a lot of money. Here are all the Flipkart Upcoming Sales for 2022.

Record of Flipkart Upcoming Sale Dates & Offers for 2022 You Have to Save!

Flipkart Upcoming Sales , Offers & Dates

Flipkart Upcoming Sales in 2022 brings to you an amazing Flipkart sale season with steal deals spread across the entire year. All the sale seasons see heavy traffic and especially on a super popular online store like Flipkart.

Chances are if you do not grab these sales on time, you might end up missing some great deals and cheap prices which you might never be able to avail again. We have prepared a detailed guide for you on all the sales and the offers which you should definitely take advantage of.

Flipkart upcoming sale season is crafted beautifully for the year 2022. All the Flipkart upcoming sales are mentioned below to help you save money.

Flipkart sale dates are super strategically planned be it the Diwali season or the starting of the year all major occasions see a great sale. These are also the seasons for gifting and sales are the best time to stock up gifts. If you are planning to buy expensive appliances, the sale season is a strategic time to get all the major buys for your home at very affordable rates.

Flipkart Upcoming Sales in January 2022 That Will Leave Your Drooling!

Flipkart Offers three major sales in the month of January, the first one is the New Year’s sale that also coincides with the second sale of the month, the infamous Flipkart super save days. Both the sales are placed at the starting of the month and the third sale occurs at the end of the month which is the Republic Day sale.

1. Flipkart New Year Sale 2022: Start the Year with a Bang!

The Flipkart New Year Sale 2022 starts from the 1st of January and goes on till 5th January. The five-day sale brings you many amazing offers. The Flipkart New Year Sale Offers 2022 offers discounts according to their departments and some offers change on a daily basis. You get major discounts on three departments, the fashion store, the electronic appliances store and the mobile store.

The fashion store has discounts up to 70% on selected brands for Men’s clothing, Women’s Clothing, and Children’s clothing. The Mobile store sees major discounts on brands like ASUS, OPPO, and OnePlus. If you are looking to buy heaters or any big appliances you should surely check out the sale because it offers up to 40% on appliances like refrigerators and heaters.

2. Flipkart Super Saver Days Sale 2022 That Will Brighten Your Day!

Flipkart’s next sale for January is the super saver days. This is Flipkart’s monthly sale and comes every month from 1st to 3rd. The super saver days are the best time of the month to stock up on ration and fill your fridge with goodies. If you are heading to new year’s parties then definitely check out the sale because it offers discounts on gifts, accessories and chocolate hampers. The sale also gives you steal deals on food items like mayonnaise, oats, ketchup, rice packets, and other ration items.

3. Flipkart Republic Day Sale 2022 in Honour of Our Freedom To Spend!

The Flipkart Republic Day Sale 2022 is a super popular sale because it gives crazy discounts on mobiles and laptops. You get discounts on big brands like apple, OnePlus, Xiaomi, oppo for mobile phones and discounts on laptop brands like Lenovo, HCL, HP and dell. These discounts range from 40% off to almost 65% off depending on the brand you choose.

There are many others in the Flipkart Republic Day Offers 2022 list like up to 50% off on the fashion store and selected brands. The Flipkart Republic Day Sale 2022 dates are 20th to 24th January 2022 and you should not miss even a single day of this amazing 4-day sale.

Flipkart Upcoming Sale in February 2022 for the Month of Love!

The month of February is another great month for all you shopping lovers especially for the one looking to buy electronic appliances, mobile accessories or looking to change their mobile phones. The February season witnesses 3 sales, the first one being the Flipkart Valentine’s Day Sale that starts in the second week of February, the second sale is the infamous grand appliance sale that starts in the third week of February and the month ends with the big sale on mobiles.

1. Flipkart Valentines Day Sale 2022 For All the People Who Fall in Love

The Flipkart Valentine’s Day sale 2022 starts on the 7th of February and goes on to 14th February 2022. Valentines is a day to celebrate love and Flipkart keeps this in mind by giving major discounts on the fashion department and gifting items like watches and deodorants for him and her.

Flipkart Valentines Day sale offers 2022 are watches for Major Brands like Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, Titan, Casio see major discounts up to 40% off. Deodorants from brands like Fossil, Skin, Davidoff and many big names offer discounts up to 50% off so if you’re looking to buy a gift then we suggest that you keep a check on the Flipkart Valentine’s Day sale.

2. Flipkart Grand Appliances Sale with Mind-Blowing Deals!

The Flipkart grand appliances sale is the perfect sale for you if you’re looking to buy a new TV or replenish the large appliances in your home like your refrigerator or washing machine etc. If your old refrigerator has been giving you trouble or you want to upgrade to a better AC for your television no longer offers great image quality then we absolutely suggest you avail all of the lucrative discounts the Flipkart grand appliances sale offers.

The Flipkart grand appliances sale starts from the 28th of February and goes on to the 24th of February 2022. The four days are the perfect time for you to upgrade your house electronically and we suggest you mark these dates in your calendar and feel your Flipkart Wishlist beforehand so you can buy all of these great items at cheap prices before these offers run out.

3. Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale: Grab the Latest Phones at the Lowest Prices

The Flipkart Mobile Sale 2022 is an electronic shopper’s paradise. You absolutely cannot even imagine the crazy deal this sale has to offer. Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale 2022 Dates are 25th to 28th February 2022. If you are thinking of changing your phone or want to give an expensive gift, this is the perfect time particularly so because the Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale 2022 Offers exchange options, slashed prices and combination deals like never before.

You get slashed discounts up to 40% off on staple mobile brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia and many more. That’s not it you also get an amazing exchange of a prices so if you someone looking to replace your phone or someone who just broke a phone this is the perfect time to avail the great exchange prices Flipkart is offering in their Flipkart mobile Bonanza sale.

Flipkart Upcoming Sale in March 2022 with the Best Discounts

The month of March has two sales. The first one happens in the middle of March and the second one happens during the time of the auspicious festival of Holi. Both the sales offer some great discounts like never seen before and we definitely suggest you to plan some shopping in the month of March.

1. Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale 2022: Save More Than You Spend

The big saving days in the month of March are the perfect time to restock your kitchen and buy groceries and by that we mean buying everything on the Flipkart big savings days sale 2022.

Flipkart big savings days sale 2022 dates are that starts with 15th of March and goes on to the 19th of March. The 4 days sale is mainly in the food department and you get combo offers on items like rice wheat oats pulses and other ration related items. The list of the Flipkart big savings days offers 2022 are up to 30% off on chocolates, biscuits and up to 40% off on grains like rice, pulses etc. You also get slashed prices on ration like wheat, oil etc.

2. Flipkart Holi Sale 2022 To Add Colours in Your Life!

Next Flipkart sale for March is the Holi Sale. The Flipkart Holi Sale 2022 dates are 25th to 29th March 2022. The 4-day sale is dedicated to the festival of colours. The major department disease discount is the fashion department, especially all the ethnic wear. You get up to 60% off on brands like Biba, W, Aurelia, Livas and many more big names.

The list of Flipkart Holi sale offers in 2022 goes on and you get discounts on gifting items like sweets, chocolates, home decor items like paintings, center pieces etc. The Flipkart Holi sale 2022 is a great opportunity to buy ethnic wear for the entire year and save up money.

Flipkart Sales in April 2022 for the Most Awaited Deals!

There are two major things that happened in the month of April 1st: the seasonal shift from the months of winter to a mid-starting summer. The next thing that happens is schools reopen and all of the children are back into classes. Flipkart absolutely does not waste both of these opportunities and gives you dedicated sales for both of these events happening in April.

1. Flipkart Cooling Days Sale to Cool You Down With Amazing Deals

The Flipkart cooling days sale is designed keeping in mind that this season is about to change in the month of Summer about to start every cooling item that you need replenished in your house is available at extremely cheap prices. Here is the list of offers for Flipkart Cooling Days Sale offers 2022.

You get up to 30% discount on AC brands like Lloyd Hitachi, Hitech, LG, Panasonic and Huawei. Other cooling appliances like refrigerators also see great exchange offers on brands like LG Whirlpool and Hitech. Definitely also check out the fans and coolers action because burning on the brand you said lets you get up to 30% off on both these items as well. The three days sale starts on the 10th of April and goes on to the 13th of April.

2. Flipkart Back to School Sale for Those Enthusiastic Students!

The Flipkart back to School sale is the playground for all children and students and of course their mothers who are now returning back to the school routine after a long summer break. Flipkart back to school sale starts from the 7th of April and goes on to the 14th of February. The sale is about a week long and the major departments that see discounts are the supplies department, laptop department and the home department.

Flipkart Back to school sale 2022 offers great discounts on notebooks, pencil boxes, water bottles difference and other items that you will need in school you see discounts up to 50% off on all these mentioned products.

Amazing Flipkart Sales in May 2022 with Hot Deals!

The month of May is just popular for 1 Mega sale and that’s the Flipkart summer sale. The month signifies the major seasonal change when full flooded summers start and temperatures start to hun sour up.

1. Flipkart Summer Sale 2022: Get All You Need for Summer!

Flipkart summer sale 2022 dates are 15th to 19th May 2022. The entire sale is dedicated to the fashion apartment where you get up to 65% discount on western wear and ethnic wear for women and up to 60% discount on all clothing for men.

The list for the Flipkart summer sale offers 2022 is as follows, you get up to 40% off on cosmetics and the beauty department as well. Flipkart summer sale 2022 is the perfect excuse to rejuvenate your wardrobe with all new summer trends and be the fashion icon this summer.

The Best Prices to Avail from Flipkart Sales in June 2022

The peak of summer month of June signifies vacations, trips to the beach and holidays. Everyone is looking for an excuse to buy fancy clothes and Flipkart does not miss this chance and has one big sale happening in the month of June that is the Flipkart best of season sale.

1. Flipkart Best of Season Sale with Huge Discounts!

The Flipkart best of season sale 2022 is a dedicated sale just for the fashion department and the lifestyle department. Flipkart Best of season sale offers discounts on dresses western wear tops, loungewear and everything in the fashion department. You get major discounts like up to 40% on big brands like Van Heusen, Raymonds, More Mango in western wear.

You can also get discounts on popular men’s wear brand like US Polo Assassin, Wrangler, Reebok and many more. The Flipkart best-of-season sale starts on the 15th June and goes on until the 19th of June and this 4-day sale is the perfect excuse to do even more trendy shopping.

Flipkart Upcoming Sales July 2022 for The Hottest Month!

The Month of July sees one Major sale for all interior lovers and everyone who loves to keep their house up to date with trends in design and technology.

1. Flipkart Home Shopping Days Sale 2022 To Upgrade Your Home!

The Flipkart home shopping days sale starts on the 15th July and goes on until the 19th of July and these 4 days sale has discounts concentrated in the appliances department and the lifestyle department. If you are thinking of buying the latest washing machine or getting a new home purifier, this is the best time because the prices on these appliances drop extremely low in the Flipkart home shopping days sale.

You can also buy great interior design items like cotton bed sheets and cushion covers and completely replenish the look of you. Get up to 40% discounts on bed sheets, cushion covers, bed covers and curtains. You also witness up to 50% discount on home appliances like AC’s, washing machines, air purifiers and kitchen appliances.

Flipkart Upcoming Sales in August 2022: You Will See a Fall in Prices!

The month of August witnessed two large sales both in the middle of August, the first one being the Flipkart Independence Day sale that is dedicated to the National Independence Day of India and the Flipkart Rakhi sale also in the middle of August dedicated to the auspicious Festival of Raksha Bandhan.

1. Flipkart Independence day sale 2022: Be Free And Buy Whatever You Want!

Flipkart Independence Day sale 2022 have some exciting offers like never seen before. Here is the list for Flipkart Independence Day offers 2022, you can get up to 30% discount and exchange offers on mobile phones from brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus and Mi.

You also get up to 30% off on laptops from HP HCL and Dell, with no cost EMI so that you don’t have to pay a large lump sum amount. For the Flipkart freedom sale 2022 has are up to 50% off on televisions especially from brands like Xiaomi and Panasonic. You also get up to 70% discount in the fashion department especially ethnic wear and the lifestyle department on cosmetic products.

Flipkart Independence Day sale 2022 dates are from 12th of August till 15th of August.

2. Flipkart Rakhi Sale 2022 For the Most Precious Deals!

Flipkart Rakshabandhan Sale 2022 dates are 16th to 20th August 2022. The Flipkart Rakhi sale 2022 offers lightning deals and great deals of the day. This is a perfect sale for certain card holders like card holders from Kotak and SBI who get an extra 10% discount that is added upon to the already existing discounts in the.

Departments that you need to be on the lookout for the fashion department and the lifestyle department. Here is the best of Flipkart Rakhi Sale 2022 offers. You get up to 30% off on furnishings and home decor and you also get EMI options on big buys like beds, sofas and shelves. Keep an eye on the deal of the day zone and the offer zone because all the four days of the sale see new offers every day in both these sections.

Get Huge Discounts on Flipkart Sale in September 2022

The month of September is Mega sale month for all electronic lovers and you get one joint still known as the Flipkart electronic sale which is famous amongst all electronic lovers. Awaiting your long wait to change your mobile phone or buy a new home appliance, this is the perfect time for you to head to Flipkart and fill your shopping carts.

1. Flipkart Electronics Sale 2022: Upgrade Your Gadgets!

The Flipkart Electronics Sale 2022 starts from 20th September and goes on to 24th September 2022. Flipkart Electronics Sale 2022 offers heavy discounts on the entire electronic store which includes mobile phones, mobile accessories, wearable technology, laptops, desktops, gaming accessories, computer accessories, tablet speakers, camera, accessories and many other components.

Up to 40% off and EMI options on mobile brands like MI, Samsung, oppo, honour, Asus and Motorola. You also get steel deal prices on gaming laptops and desktops which are almost discounted at 50% off prices. Flipkart sale laptop offers are lucrative this year and the same can be seen in the Electronics Sale.

Have a Look at Flipkart Sales in October 2022 That Offer Spicy Discounts!

The month of October is a sales figures Paradise because the infamous Flipkart big billion days is around the corner and along with that you get a super huge Dussehra sale that is an absolute cherry on top.

1. Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2022: Save Billions!

Upcoming sale on Flipkart is the Flipkart Big Billion Days. Flipkart big billion days 2022 biggest sale of Flipkart that every Shopper waits for the entire year. The big billion days are an annual Mega sale that is the key highlight of Flipkart. Flipkart big billion days Sale 2022 dates for 2022 are 6th to 11th October.

The 5 days sale is a Flipkart sale and you get offers on all departments that means the electronics department, the fashion department, the home enforcement department, the sports department, the grocery department and the lifestyle department.

The Flipkart big billion days sale 2022 offers a lucrative up to 70% off on the best-selling furniture so go ahead and buy brand new recliners, bean bags, study tables and other great ergonomic work from home furniture.

The big billion days also allow you to buy fancy technological products at extremely cheap prices like the new mirrorless camera and true wireless earbuds which are generally very expensive but the big billion days make them super affordable to buy. Fashion department sees up to 50% off on all brands in the men’s clothing department and the women’s clothing department.

2. Flipkart Dussehra Sale 2022: Kill off Huge Prices with Discounts!

The next Flipkart sale 2022 in October is one you need to keep a track of is the Dussehra Sale. The two-day Flipkart Dussehra sale 2022 starts from the 14th of October and goes on until the 15th of October. The Dussehra sale is the perfect time to stock up your house with gifts for the festival season.

The two-day Flipkart Dussehra sale offers 2022 are the discounts on accessories and groceries. You get up to 40% discount on groceries which includes sweets and chocolates which are the perfect gifting items. You also get up to 30% off discounts on the accessories department that makes it super affordable to gift fragrances and watches.

Flipkart Upcoming Sales November 2022 for Starting of Winters!

The month of November sees two festive sales, namely the Dhanteras Sale and the Diwali sale. November is an auspicious month and everyone is shopping for the upcoming festivities and Flipkart capitalises on this opportunity by giving two dedicated sales to the festivities.

1. Flipkart Dhanteras Sale 2022: Bring Wealth into Your Homes!

Flipkart Dhanteras Sale 2022 is a one-day sale that happens on the 2nd of November 2022. Dhanteras is seen as an auspicious day to buy new apparel and items for the upcoming festival days. Flipkart takes advantage of this fact because everyone is going to buy new things and Flipkart offers an up to 40% discount in the Fashion department and up to 30% discount on the lifestyle department. Flipkart becomes your ultimate destination for Dhanteras shopping and we advise you to take full advantage of this one-day sale.

2. Flipkart Diwali Sale 2022 For Fiery Deals!

Flipkart Big Diwali Sale 2022 is a four-day sale dedicated to the entire festival of Diwali and you see some of those which have never been seen in the entire sale so we absolutely do not recommend that you miss this one. The Flipkart Diwali sale 2022 dates are 1st to 4th November 2022.

The four days sale has different offers for every single day and we highly recommend that you keep the app open because every day you can get lightning deals flash in which prices crash in a certain time which will only be announced on the same day. Flipkart upcoming sale on laptops is hidden in the Diwali Sale this year and you get up to 30% off on student laptops and up to 20% off on gaming laptops.

This here are the Flipkart Diwali sale offers 2022, call you get up to 75% off on home and furnishings. You should go ahead and buy all of those fancy lights to light up your house for Diwali. Get up to 60% off on ethnic wear for men, women and children. You can get your hands on all of the new ethnic wear collections from big brands like Libas, Biba and W. The Flipkart Diwali sale 2022 allows you to celebrate your Diwali this year with grandeur.

Flipkart Upcoming Sales December 2022 to End the Year On a Good Note!

December is the last month of the year where you can catch up on the entire sale season and Flipkart makes sure that you celebrate the ending of 2022 living the shoppers dream. So the month of December has three major sales, the first one being the Flipkart big shopping days during the starting of the month. The second sale is the Flipkart Christmas sale at the end of the month. This is the last sale of the year which helps you with the big closing of New year’s.

1. Flipkart Big Shopping Days Sale 2022: An End of Season Sale!

The Flipkart big shopping days sale 2022 dates are 5th to 9th December 2022. Flipkart Big Shopping Days Sale 2022 is placed at the starting of the month and all four days offer new launches in the mobile department, electronics department and the fashion department.

It is also the perfect time for you to replenish your wardrobe with great winter wear from brands like H&M, Mango and Vero Moda. The Fashion department sees discounts up to 50% off. This discount is applicable for menswear, womenswear and children’s wear.

Flipkart big shopping days sale 2022 offers slash prices on electronics and appliances and this means that you get up to 45% off on kitchen and home appliances like refrigerators, television and heaters. Flipkart upcoming sale on mobiles is the Big Billion days happening in October. Get no cost EMI in the appliances department and the home furnishings department. The Flipkart Big shopping days sale is one sale that can make every shopper’s dream come true.

2. Flipkart Christmas Sale 2022 To Gift Yourself Something!

Christmas is the festival of joy, celebration and giving thanks and hence Flipkart announces the Flipkart Christmas sale 2022. The Flipkart Christmas sale 2022 dates are as follows; it starts from the 22nd of December and goes on and on the 25th of December.

Flipkart Xmas sales are lightning hours which are a few designated our everyday value c major price drops in the fashion department and the appliance department. The Flipkart Christmas sale offers 2022 are as follows, you get exchange offers and no cost EMI on mobiles and laptops. Cardholders from the Kotak Bank and the SBI bank get an extra 10% discount added on to the existing discounts of the sale.

3. Flipkart Year End Sale 2022 To End on A Good Note!

To end the year beautifully we have the Flipkart year end sale that starts from the 26th of December and goes on until the 31st of December. You see hot deals you get once a year. You get up to a 40% discount on wearable technology and mobile accessories.

The Flipkart year end sale 2022 offers a 30% discount on the gardening department and an up to 40% discount on the sports and gaming department. The Year-end sale of course has a discount on the fashion department which is up to 40% off go ahead and replenish your wardrobes.

Here is Why You Should Not Miss Out on the Flipkart Sales in 2022

If you do not take the Flipkart sales seriously, we are here to tell you otherwise. Flipkart offers some great sales that will help you save so much money if you time your shopping accordingly. Here are all the reasons why you should not miss out on any one of the Flipkart sales happening in 2022.

1. Pre- Booking

Flipkart sale 2022 dates are placed keeping in mind the events happening in every single month. Flipkart opens its door to pre-booking options just before it announces its sales. The company also gives a pre-booking option for all of the launches that are happening during the sales.

Remember, Flipkart has contracts with many big brands that exclusively launch their products only on the Flipkart website and you can pre-book these products and get your hands on them before anyone else does. Flipkart sale dates are when mentioned but you can pre-book all the items before they start.

2. Bank Offers

If you’re someone who shops using that credit card and debit card, the Flipkart sale has some extra benefits for you. Flipkart offers an extra discount up to 10% off if you shop using your credit card and debit cards. Used from SBI Kotak Bank HDFC Bank ICICI Bank there are some great cashback offers on many of the sales that are happening in 2022 on Flipkart.

You have double the benefit of the sales because you get 2-fold discounts the first discount that the sale offers an extra discount because you’re shopping using your card.

3. Exchange Offer

Exchange offers are a Flipkart speciality so if you want to replace your old appliances or mobiles with new ones then Flipkart sales are the best destination for you because you get great exchange prices in all of the sales that happen on Flipkart, especially in 2022. You can easily mention the model of your pre-owned item and see how much of an exchange value it holds even before buying for ordering the new product from Flipkart. You know how much the new product will cost you and we assure you that these exchange offers are like no other place.

4. No Cost EMI

If you can’t pay a lump sum amount you have nothing to worry about because the Flipkart sales in 2022 offer no cost EMI which means that you can pay for your purchase in monthly installments without paying any extra interest. You do not have to wait any longer to buy a new phone or to buy a new refrigerator or any other item you can just pay in installments and get your item instantly when you shop in the Flipkart sales in 2022.

5. Win Prizes by Participating in the Quiz on Flipkart App

If you install the Flipkart app you get a chance to participate in all of the processes that happen in the sale season. Is are a unique way for you to win prizes in the same season you simply have to participate in the quiz free of cost and if you win then there are some exciting prizes that you win plus you also get to avail all of the discount happening in the sale season.

All you have to do is participate in fun quiz rounds and you then stand a chance to win some really expensive products for free. You also stand a chance to get your hands on exclusive deals if you win these exclusive Flipkart Quizzes

6. Early to the SALE for Flipkart Plus Members!

Flipkart upcoming offers are available early now! Flipkart now offers a Flipkart plus membership giving you exclusive benefits to many elements of the sale like early access to all of the sale offers, pre-booking option and early access to all of the exclusive launches happening on Flipkart. If you are a Flipkart plus member then the sale season becomes super easy for you to access because you get your hands on all the offers before anyone does and you don’t have to fear that all of this will run out quickly and you can shop at your own ease.

The Last Remarks on Flipkart Upcoming Sales, Offers & Dates Which You Cannot Miss!

The Flipkart sale season of 2022 is grand because you get to see offers which you haven’t seen in any of the previous sale seasons. Flipkart carefully sorts its sale’s offers and dates in 2022 according to all of the festivals and seasonal changes that take place. This makes the sale season symbiotically profitable for both the company and the consumer.

As Flipkart benefits from the excessive shopping and all of the consumers can buy according to festivities and season changes at super cheap prices. We hope the carefully curated data above of all of the upcoming sales, their individual offers and all of the dates mentioned helped you in navigating the sale season in 2022 and we hope it profits you by saving you money in the entire year, until then, Happy Shopping!