Top 10 Best Dates Brands in India (2022): Pamper your health

Take a look at our ample list of top 10 best Dates brands in India in 2022. Put a fullstop to your sweet cravings with something healthy and new and thanks us later for presenting an option!!

Date is basically a fruit which comes from the date palm tree. There are mainly more than 30 varieties of dates present in the world. But in India, we only have little variety of dates available which we generally consume. Here, we will also tell you variety of dates available in India and its benefits. Among so many varieties and types, it becomes very difficult to choose one date brand out of the entire best dates brand in India. So we help you to get one that not only loved by you but also enriched with goodness and all the healthy nutrients.

We are on a regular lookout for the best Dates brands in India on the basis of its range of benefit to the human bodies. To help you in settling with the best quality dates in India, we have taken into deliberation and continue researching and updating the brand value, ingredients, packaging, reviews so that you do not go wrong anywhere.

Check out our complete guide and your hunt for best dates brand in India will probably come to an end!

Top 10 Dates Brands in India in 2022 you must buy:

Best Dates Brands in India

So in today’s article, we will tell you all about the best Dates brand in India in 2022. Dates are rich in minerals and nutrients and very much wealthy in iron, sodium, potassium and fluorine. From improving health of the bones to improving teeth health, from improving the energy level to lowering the risk of anaemia and many more. This is little introduction about the benefits of dates. Later in this article, you will get to know list of best brands and countless health benefits offered by the dates.

To understand this much more in depth, let’s see the different types of best quality dates in India in 2022 that you can try your hands on. You may choose any one of the brand from the list and start your happy journey towards healthy living.

1. Markstor Dates

Markstor is the best dates brand in India in 2022 as dates from markstor are carefully handpicked. These dates are the most searched after a variety of dates. Markstor dates pass through variety of checks of shading, size and grade with high consideration to quality so that you can get 100% unique and quality dates.

These dates come in top super foods containing numerous medical advantages. Markstor marks itself as the best dates brand not only in India but globally too when it comes to Ajwa dates and they are also present online in India. Ajwa dates are available online in India and considered as the finest dates in Saudi Arabia. The best thing about these MarkstorAjwa is the fact that it passes through series of quality checks, color and grade to make sure that the authenticity is maintained.

The people who have already tried these dates will agree that these are best dates to eat.These are purely organic and ideal to fuel up your day. You will be surprised to read that Ajwa date powder is used to treat cholesterol related issues and blocked heart arteries. As these are free from cholesterol and contains negligible fat as well as rich in essential Vitamins and minerals. Owing the premium quality, these dates are kept 100% free from preservatives, flavours and artificial color.

2. Happilo Dates

Happilo are best known for providing quality dates in India.Happilo dates happen to be the top most for providing 100% natural, preservative free and dried products. These are enriched with potassium and help in preventing from diseases like diarrhoea and forestall sicknesses like loose bowels.

Being 100% natural, true and authentic, these are extraordinarily made for your taste and well being. The high content of mineral in it makes it super sustenance for reinforcing bones. The nutrients present in the dates make it ideal for well being of sensory system and usefulness. These are rich in protein that helps your body to remains fit and solid muscles.

Therefore, Happilo is undoubtedly a quality brand you can settle for. So, grab these premium quality and high protein content dates for staying fit and building strong muscles. You can place your order for these dates online or may avail from grocery stores.

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3. Medjool Plus Dates

Medjool is the most popular and best type of dates seen and consumed in India. These are large in size and yellow in color. Large variety of shakes, desserts and smoothies are made with Medjool dates. For the most flawless taste and getting the best quality, consume it while its new since its dampness content is high.

From the beginning, many individuals have thought about best Medjool’s dates in India as their inclination. This brand’s dates are known for providing tremendous nutrients, sugar, minerals, fiber and vitality. Owing the high nutrient value, these dates are consumed even by those who are on a pursuit to lose weight.

Since, due to extreme demand of best Medjool dates in India, the best part is they can be easily found on any online website. The best part is you can easily store it at room temperature for 15 days, post which you can store it in refrigerator. However, look no further and start having these dates in your diet.

4. Dry Fruit Hub Soft Dates

Whenever you are looking for best Kimia dates online, nobody could miss out on mentioning these dry fruit hub soft dates. If you are looking for dates not only for consuming but also soft one and also rich in required amount of minerals then undoubtedly go for this version. This is a perfect version as it makes a superfood for strengthening your bones. The vitamins that are present in this type of dates make it an ideal for boosting your nervous system and functionality of overall health.

The upliftment news is, these dates helps in the improvement of various constant sicknesses. The good thing about these dates is it is a great source of antioxidants, and [prevent in the development of various chronic illness. Accessible in good packaging, these best dates brand in India changes with respect to the scope of an affordable range. These dry fruit hub soft dates are normally dried and furthermore, free from any added substances or additives. However, have confidence and consume them on daily basis. We assure that these dates will help to keep your muscles solid and keep your body remains healthy and fit.

5. Lion Dates

When we talk about best Arabic dates in India, there is no chance that we can miss out on the Arabic Lion dates. These Lion dates are the largest producing, selling and best date company in India. The texture of the dates and their smooth quality is the key points of their success. They have the goodness of natural fibers and the health benefits of dates in this range are uncountable.These Arabian dates are 100% natural and organic.

The quality of Lion dates ranges beyond its natural oil content, potassium, sulphur, iron, manganese, sulphur, and copper as these are highly needed and advantageous to our health. Other than this, what makes it more reliable, lasting and safe is its packaging that is vacuum tight usually which helps in retaining its original freshness for longer period of time. This packaging assists with holding its unique newness for more drawn out term. So, in this way you should not wait to consider ordering the pack of these Lion dates. Therefore, you must try it!

6. Lagom Dates

When we talk about Safawi dates, Lagom is one of the best dates brand in india. Don’t miss out on another best dates in India that is Lagom Saudi Safawi dates. This is an amazing product from the land of Saudi Arabia is this Lagom Saudi Safawi dates. These dates are naturally distinguished by their profound dark shade, medium size and their length. Lagom Safawi dates are semi dried assorted date and are delicate. These dates are known to be sweet, full of flavour and extremely soft in chewing.

What makes them the best dates is the fact that they are carefully selected and handpicked. They are usually packed in a pouch with the zip tight air seal which prevent dates to release its moisture and also its original flavour. For best results, it is highly recommendable to store these dates in a cool and dry place. Also, keep them away from strong odour containing materials and sunlight.

The quality and health benefits of these dates are assured since these dates are strictly tested and met with the industry standards. These dates share a similar taste as Ajwa dates. Though they re supposed to be more elongated and fit when contrasted against Ajwa dates. The Safawi assortment of these dates has been portrayed by its efficiency and it makes these dates more effectively accessible. You can get these dates all the time of the year and it is most appealing due to its medical advantages.

7. Rostaa Dates

Being in top brands for the best quality dates in India, Rostaa dates are received in the best condition and these dates are specifically sourced from Oman. These dates are procured directly from the farms of Oman which helps in containing its texture, shine, freshness nd purity. We hope you all are aware the richness that the Oman dates generally contains!

What makes this product the most preferred one is the fact that it included absolutely zero cholesterol. Rostaa dates have proven to be highly rich source of potassium and dietary fibre. With respect to its packaging and quality, these dates remain moist, fresh, and edible for longer period of time. For best results and taste, eat it when its fresh without storing it at room temperature.

These dates are very much in demand and so they are available on many grocery stores. So, don’t wait to get your hands on it and make delicious desserts out of it. Numerous pastries can be made by utilizing this product like oat cookies, pudding, milkshakes, etc. In fact, you can also include them in your sandwiches and use them for decorating your standard pastas.

8. SFT Dates

Whenever there’s a discussion of dry dates, we never fail to mention SFT dates. These are also commonly known as “Sukha Khajoor”. The best part about these dates is the fact that these are procured directly from the growers. These are processed and packed by the brand itself for retaining its aroma, freshness, as well as original nutrients till it reaches the end consumers.

Benefits of dry dates are countless as these dates contain high natural sugar like glucose, fructose, and sucrose that makes these dates a wonderful supplement of processed sugar. Beside this, the people working out in a gym or regular and fast often, can start snacking these dates to avoid crunching on something unhealthy or feeling exhausted.

The benefits of dry dates lie beyond the obvious. As SFT dates are not only good source of sugar, fiber or energy rather, they are also very rich in providing essential minerals like sodium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and also iron. It will be interesting for you to know the fact that if you want to put on some muscle weight or generally gain some weight, you must have these dates on a regular basis. They will definitely contribute to your existing diet in a healthy manner.

9. FlyberryGourmetDates

Flyberry dates are normally sweet, have zero cholesterol and are fat-free with more delicateness and greatest moisture. These dates are the best to eat, specifically in the light as it dissolves in your mouth the moment you devour them. They are very much rich in dietary fiber and extremely dim in conceal.

These dates contain no preservatives and are literally loyal. If you are looking to store these dates for long period of time, you must store it in dry and cool spot. Their dietary and softness makes it ideal choice for snacking, especially for those who are already very health conscious.

The packages of these dates are available in different quantities. With a single bite the goodness of caramel burst in the mouth and gives you the taste you are thinking for! Sounds interesting? So, when are yu making your purchase? Come on! Visit the online store and place your order now.

10. Date Crown Dates

Crown dates are dried ones and contain numerous health benefits that are required by the body. These dates are also termed as crown of sweet fruit. These are amongst the best dates as these are finest one and are available in different colors, varieties and textures including Fard, Khalas, Lulu, dabbas, Khenaizi and Sheeshee.

These dates are very chewy, have semi moist texture with a sweet flavour. These are extremely good for your health as it includes necessary nutrients and calcium that have variety of advantages and helps in improving digestion. It is also widely used in making desserts, iv=ce creams and different baking goodies.

As these are rich source of iron, calcium and protein you can intake it as healthy evening snacks. It also helps in strengthening immunity both in adults and children. The product is available in different packaging sizes. So, go and buy date Crown Fard dates online!

Top Benefits of Dates :

1 – Full of Fiber

As discussed above, dates are full of fibre that is extremely good for our health. Fibres contain in dates, help in the process of weight loss. Fibres also help in improving digestion, and in controlling your blood sugar.

2 – High Content of Antioxidants

Carotenoids, Flavonoids, and Phenolic Acid are the main antioxidants present in the dates. Flavonoids helps in reducing inflammation, fight cancer, diabetes, and alzheimer. Carotenoids help in dealing with eye related problems including macular degeneration and give a good heart in terms of strength whereas, Phenolic acid lowers the risk of cancer and other heart diseases.

3 – Natural Sweetener

Whenever you are in a search for an option of Sugar during your weight loss journey, dates will help you the most in the process. You can prepare syrup of date and use it like sugar. They taste like caramel and you can use it in desserts, smoothies, in creams and shakes. It will save you by the intake of normal sugar which is generally, not good for our health.

Helpful In Natural Labour – In the last days of the pregnancy, consuming dates can be helpful in inducing the labour. Many researchers says that consuming dates in the last days of pregnancy will help in dilation of the cervix.

Wrapping the Best Dates Brands in India in 2022 – Once you should eat

Across the world, dates grow in huge amount in different parts of the globe. Since, there is a huge variety it becomes extremely difficult to distinguish between the best dates brands in India. We are lucky, since we have best quality khajoor in India. Some states are the major date producing land in India including Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. But despite all this, the country mainly relies on the import of date fruit.

Now-a-days, dates continue to be an important ingredient in Middle East and Indian cuisine. Desserts have replaced the unhealthy snacks with dates smoothies and milkshakes. Rather, what is more exciting is the fact that there are around 30 kinds of dates around the world. But they pretty much fall under three categories mainly- soft, dry and semi-dry.and their differences can be spotted by fructose, glucose and sucrose content in them.

Therefore, by now we have understood the best date brands in India and their benefits. We hope it will help you in making your purchase put you into the habit of consuming it daily. So, hurry! Start preparing your list for placing your order online now!!!