Top 12 Best Online Shopping Sites in the UK 2022

The article beautifully depicts a list of the best online shopping sites in the UK in 2022, acquired after thorough research of the most renowned shopping platforms in the United Kingdom.

Best Online Shopping Sites.

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The online shopping era has made us glued to the electronic devices such as laptops and mobiles while browsing the top online shopping sites in UK. The United Kingdom undoubtedly has become the best choice for a large number of e-Commerce companies selling products online.

The online platforms are rising as true potential shopping platforms for individuals to binge on. With the best quality products on display along with an attractive amount of savings is undoubtedly a big catch!

Navigating your way around the world of online shopping can be extremely tricky. You have got to know how they work, which website offers the lowest prices, the most attractive deals and so on.

Luckily for you, we have amalgamated a collection of top shopping sites in UK that serve shoppers with the best quality items at attractive deals.

Top 12 Best Online Shopping Sites in UK in 2022:

Are you from the United Kingdom and searching for the top websites to shop from, then you have landed at the right place. Do not make your cart wait any longer, instead say hello to the top online shopping websites & mobile Apps in the UK as mentioned in the following.

1. Amazon UK

Amazon, popularly known for its ‘A to Z ‘concept has won a lot of hearts worldwide. This stands true even more in the UK where it has emerged as the top UK online shopping sites.

Founded in the year 1998, Amazon is preferred by around 90% shoppers in the United Kingdom. Initially, it had started with selling books, however now it holds a significant share across a number of retail categories.

Popularly claimed as being a phenomenon of the 21st century retail industry, Amazon offers a myriad of categories to choose from, such as electronics, clothing, home appliances, cosmetics, groceries and much more, Amazon UK is a blessing in disguise.

Users can easily scroll through the reviews, zoomed images, and reviews to know more about a selected product. If you too are like me, who loves attractive deals, the best online shopping site in UK for electronics is here for you.

  • Offers a number of categories and products online
  • Excellent for electronics and books
  • Offers attractive discounts online
  • Introduces a sales offer from time to time

2. eBay UK

eBay UK

Have you been searching for a platform from where you can buy but also sell? Well, eBay UK is the perfect place to be.

Founded in the year 1999 in the United Kingdom, eBay is the second largest e-commerce website in the country. If you are looking for reasonable and discounted products, eBay is the brand to look for

Offering products for men and women, the platform stands as one of the most popular auction websites and Best Online shopping sites in UK.

It offers ample convenience to buyers like us to choose from home appliances, fashion, electronics, sports and so on. The website offers interesting tag lines, such as ‘You Sell, You List, You Earn’, that makes it an engaging platform for shoppers.

  • Multinational e-commerce Corporation
  • Second largest e-commerce platform in the United Kingdom
  • Offers online auction
  • Promotes selling and buying
  • Offers great value

3. Asos

Asos UK

Launched in the year 2000, As Seen on Screen, better known as Asos has slowly emerged as the largest online beauty and fashion retailer making it one among the best online clothes shopping sites in UK.

Selling more than 850 brands in addition to the own-label line, Asos is a British origin platform which makes it a largely credible platform for the residents.

Known for being one of the best online shopping sites in the UK in 2022, consumers are blown away by the large range of fashionable products, jewelry, accessories and varied beauty product ranges it has to offer. If you are like me who loves to avail the finest collection of fashionable products under one roof, Asos is the ideal platform for you.

  • British origin platform
  • Sells 850 brands
  • Offers easy returns
  • Sells own-label line
  • Offers special discounts to students

4. Argos

Argos UK

Popular among a large number of UK inhabitants, Argos is considered as one of the Best Online shopping sites in UK. Launched in the year 1973 in UK, Argos presents a multitude of broad categories such as best European clothing stores online, sports, beauty, health, baby and nursing, home décor, garden décor and so on.

Offering the unique convenience of no cost delivery option along with same day return makes the platform a lot more popular among the shopping enthusiasts.

With the aim of offering customers the most convenient and fastest option of shopping, Argos benefits customers by not just being restricted to the operating hours of the retailer. With the help of a special ‘Fast Track’ service, customers can either choose to pick up the same day or avail same day delivery option.

  • British origin platform
  • Sells 850 brands
  • Offers easy returns
  • Sells own-label line
  • Offers special discounts to students

5. Boohoo

Boohoo UK

Another extremely popular and one among the best online clothing store in UK is Boohoo, largely known for its exquisite line of trendy and affordable clothes for both men and women.

Founded in the year 2006, Boohoo specializes largely in its own brand fashion line. Typically aimed for 16-30-year-olds, the platform solely is dedicated to fast fashion that concentrates largely on high turnover and low prices.

Popular for stocking seasonal trends at attractively affordable prices, Boohoo has set a mark for itself among the best UK online shopping sites by adhering to the changing styles of the demographic.

  • Targeted at 16-30 year olds
  • Focuses on seasonal trends
  • Affordable trendy clothes
  • Presents own brand fashion line

6. Tesco

Tesco UK

Are you looking for the largest grocery market in the UK? Thanks to Tesco, the biggest supermarket offering everything under one single roof in the country.

Launched in the year 1929, Tesco went online in 1996. The family-friendly store impresses everyone with its large collection of grocery items.

Offering a special customer loyalty card system ‘Tesco Club card’, the online store has successfully managed to gain loyalty trust among consumers.

Furthermore, the introduction of a unique ‘Greener Living Scheme’ promotes the sale of environmentally friendly products that have made consumers a lot more aware and make wise choices while buying.

  • The largest supermarket chain in the UK
  • Offers special customer loyal card
  • Promotes the purchase of environmentally friendly products

7. Currys

Currys UK

Do you wish to be more specific with your shopping options? Well, Currys UK offers you the convenience to get more specific with buying electronic and household appliances in the UK.

Founded in April 2006, the brand offers a large variety of home and electronic appliances such as mobiles, refrigerators, cameras, microwaves, gaming products, computer systems, laptops and so on.

Popularly known for offering attractive discounts across a large variety of electronic and home appliances products in the UK, the online platform has made its spot among the top shopping site in UK for electronics.

  • Exclusively offers household and electronic items
  • Offers attractive discount deals online

8. Zalando UK

Zalando UK

Zalando, one among the best online shopping site in UK for clothing, brings a large collection of high-end brands along with high street fashion under the same roof.

Offering the largest collection of clothes, shoes and fashion accessories in the UK, the brand presents the latest designs and updates online. Founded in the year 2011, the European e-commerce brand attracts buyers onboard with its exclusive free delivery option.

Offering several payment modes, such as ‘cash on delivery’, ‘easy refund within 100 days’, and ‘payment after delivery’, the unique online trendy clothing website follows a customer-centric sales approach.

  • The largest collection of clothes, accessories, and shoes online
  • Free delivery option
  • European origin
  • Easy payment modes

9. John Lewis

John Lewis UK

A cult favourite among the British buyers, John Lewis is one of the Best Online shopping sites in UK offering an exclusive collection of garden and home equipment, clothing items for both men and women, beauty products, watches and jewellery, garden equipment, baby products and much more.

While the retail store was founded in the year 1925, the online application got approved in June 2005.

If you are willing to get a glimpse of the popular culture of the UK, the retail gem is the site to get onboard. Apart from their wide range of items, John Lewis is also popular for its exclusive selection of collectible and unique tea caddies.

  • Presents a range of products online under the same roof
  • Offers an exclusive selection of tea caddies

10. Marks & Spencer

Marks & spencer UK

One of the oldest and best online shopping sites in United Kingdom, Marks & Spencer makes its way to the list of best shopping sites in UK. Founded in 1884, the retail brand introduced online shopping in the year 1999.

One of the best online shopping site for mens in UK, Marks & Spencer offers an extensive collection of clothing for men and women, body care products, home-ware items, beauty products, and a few more. Consumers are largely hooked on the unique gift sets offered by the brand.

If you have been looking for something offbeat such as wine, food items, gift cards or the like online, Marks & Spencer is the place to be. By offering unique services such as tailor-made offers, priority access services and more with exclusive members’ clubs, consumers in the UK are assured enjoyable shopping experience.

  • An extensive collection of clothing, body care products, home-ware items and so on
  • Offers food items, wine, and gift cards
  • Available on both iOS and Android platform
  • Offers exclusive members’ club with varied benefits

11. PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing UK

As the name suggests, it would not take you long to make a wild guess as to who the primary audience of the website is! Yes, you guessed it right; it’s targeted mostly on teenagers and an age group a little above that!

Founded in 2012, the fashion brand is aimed at 14-24 years old women and sports a trendy line of celebrity inspired clothes perfectly curated for the trendy fashion enthusiasts out there.

Offering a low price range, PrettyLittleThing serves as the perfect place for girls to get on board with cheap online shopping UK and make the most of their pocket money.

  • Targeted at 14-24 ages girls
  • Trendy clothes for young women
  • Reasonable price range
  • Presents celebrity inspired clothing collection
  • Offers yearly membership known as Royalty



ETSY, one of the best online shopping sites in England, lets UK inhabitants explore a large sea of handmade, creative and vintage goods from the convenience of a mobile app.

Founded in June 2005, the online brand features a myriad collection of awe-inspiring gifts for men and women, exquisite handmade jewellery and unique wedding ideas. Moreover, ETSY invites consumers to make personal recommendations for bringing out the best amongst the collection of clothing, art, furniture, and jewellery.

The ability of the marketplace to allow individuals to connect while selling and buying goods and items makes the platform extremely special.

  • Facilitates both buying and selling
  • Lets consumers make personal recommendations
  • Allows direct communication with shop owners
  • Instant notifications

Meet your Shopping needs with the Best Online Shopping Sites in UK in 2022

Believe it or not, experiencing shopping online offers excitement and satisfaction that no other guilty pleasure can meet!

The above-mentioned sites are undoubtedly the most popular online shopping brands in UK, and are thoroughly enjoyed by a large number of shopping enthusiasts in UK.

If you have been looking for dynamic shopping hubs online for your distinctive needs, adherence to the above mentioned stores will help satisfy your shopping needs. Pick up your smartphone to get your shopping cart ready!