Top 10 & Best Saffron Brands in India in 2022

This article deals in context to saffron and the best saffron brands in India in 2022. The expensive spice attained from the flower of Crocus sativus, saffron is known to humans for multiple purposes. There is a lot more than spice to saffron. It is well known for its profound smell and flavour.

Saffron is one of the world’s most legendary spices and finding the best quality of saffron brands in India in 2022 can be difficult. The thread-like stigma of Crocus sativus, commonly known as Saffron Crocus.

The market of saffron is flooded with companies who present their production of the best quality. This article enlists the best quality of saffron brands in India in 2022. Not only does saffron is known for its smell but it adds a distinct flavour to the food that has a plethora of medical benefits.

The primitive knowledge suggests that saffron was first cultivated in Greece and is now a primarily grown spice in countries such as India, Morocco, Iran, and Greece. Saffron has an exterior appearance of Yellow and Orange colour. This colour comes from the tip of Saffron Crocus thread. The technical reason behind the hue of saffron is mainly because of the carotenoid chemical crocin.

Undoubtedly there are multiple varieties of saffron grown in the world and each one of them has its speciality. The uniqueness of each saffron type depends upon the cultivating area. Some of the known saffrons are Kashmir Saffron, Persian Saffron, Sargol Saffron, Pushal Saffron, Konge Saffron, and so on. While choosing the best saffron in the world can be a tedious task, but one can get the best quality saffron in the world by travelling or through different brands present in the market.

Best Saffron Brands in India

Kashmiri Saffron or the saffron obtained from Kashmir is worldwide famous for its quality. The people of Kashmir take pride in their pristine place where saffron grows. There are a couple of places in the state of Kashmir that is able to be considered for saffron cultivation.

According to scientific research, the best environment for cultivating great quality saffron is a cool-dry climate. This climate is similar to that of Kashmir. Along with perfect climatic conditions, the soil of Kashmir is also rich in organic fertilizers. Because of this great combination of climate and soil condition, the stigmas of Kashmiri saffron plants are longer and have a thick head when compared to general saffron.

Moreover, Kashmiri saffron has a dark red colour. The suitability of climate and quality of soil has a major impact on the quality and size of stigmas of saffron plants. This red spice known for its exotic flavour and aroma has a deep dark maroonish-purple.

Although about 70% of the world’s production of saffron comes from Persia in terms of quality, Kashmiri saffron or the saffron from Kashmir is termed as the best and the finest. Hence, finding the best saffron brand in India can be difficult but not impossible. As the article does the task for you.

Here are the Top 10 Best Saffron Brands in India in 2022 :

Below given is a curated list of the top 10 best saffron brands in India in 2022. This list has been curated after analysing multiple factors like quality and price. This will help you to select the best from the flood of saffron brands available in the market.

1. House of Saffron

House of Saffron, among all other brands, is the best quality saffron brand in India in 2022. They are pioneers in the saffron industry. Currently, the House of Saffron exports quality saffron to more than 20 countries in perfect condition by meeting the most stringent conditions of multiple countries’ FDA’s.

One of the unique factors of House of Saffron is that they offer private labelling to their customers on bulk orders which make the purchase more intimate. They do not believe in adultering and thus provide their customers with the best quality Kesar without any chemical agent flavouring or added colour to keep everyone safe. You get the purest quality saffron in attractive packaging from the House of Saffron.

2. Baby Brand Saffron

Baby Brand Saffron has got its name as the best saffron for pregnancy. It is handpicked and has great quality. It provides a great aroma and taste which makes it a great choice for cooking. They have stood in the saffron market since 1840 keeping alive the tradition of selling one of the finest and delicate spices, saffron.

This sixth-generation company has procured its name for selling the best quality of saffron in India. This year’s long company has found its way out to stand strong in the market by finding and accomplishing great fame for its saffron’s quality. They provide dark red colour saffron strands with uncommon yellow strings.

3. Lion Saffron

The Lion Saffron or the Sher Kesar is one of the best Kesar in India in 2022. They are one of those brands that reduce and categorize saffron with pleasant fragrance and taste. One of the greater points of this Lion brand is that its saffron is completely organic, this fat makes it safe for consumption by people of all age groups.

The organic saffron of the Lion brand is thus capable of keeping any ailments away from people consuming it. It comes in a high-grade plastic rankle that extends the lifespan of the usability of saffron. People can use saffron for a longer period without buying another pack.

4. Taj mahal saffron

Taj Mahal Saffron is a certified Spanish saffron that has a unique flavour and texture, and it also comes among one of the best saffron brands in India. They stand alone in the Indian saffron market because of their royal name and moderate cost. However, along with flavour and texture, the odour is also unique. This provides an edge to the formula used by Taj Mahal Saffron.

The packaging of Taj Mahal Saffron also illustrates the Taj Mahal building. This brand’s saffron is prescribed to kids and pregnant ladies because of its taste and safety. Taj Mahal Saffron can be utilized by the whole family for different purposes.

5. Keynote Kashmir Saffron

Keynote Kashmir Saffron is a Kashmiri saffron brand that is one of the best Kashmir Kesar brands in India. They have regular, pure and 100% original saffron from the fields of Kashmir. The saffron threads of these brands come through the processing of being pressed in an air/waterproof glass bottle. This bottle is perfectly and carefully designed to have a greater lifespan.

Every pack of keynote Kashmir saffron is affirmed by NABL Laboratory standard {IS5453} this means that each pack of keynote Kashmir saffron comes with testing of three basic features. These three features are smell, flavour, and shading which are tested by levels of safranal, picrocrocin, and crocin respectively.

6. UPAKARMA Saffron

UPAKARMA saffron produces and markets prime quality saffron powder from the fields of Afghanistan. UPAKARMA Saffron is one of the best organic saffron brands in India. They produce hand-gathered saffron which a unique selling point of this brand. They also have attained a 3 golden star for three years straight by the International Taste and Quality Institute.

Saffron manufactured by this brand is considered to be beneficial for pregnant women when consumed in prescribed qualities. They help pregnant women to control passionate worry. Additionally, this helps consumer control emotional episodes or mood swings during pregnancy.

The consumers of this brand can also consume it in face packs that results in supple and graceful shine on the face. Furthermore, this brand claims that the saffron produced by them is gluten-free and does not have any additives.

7. The Gathering of Saffron

One of the best saffron brands for pregnant ladies in India is The Gathering of Saffron. This is a Spanish saffron brand and is also known for its saffron’s realistic usability of 5 years in a timeframe.

This brand is consumed on multiple occasions such as wedding service, house warming function, commemoration blessings, pooja and so on. This spice is considered to be auspicious and holds its place n higher strands and is used as a jewel in the kitchen while preparing food.

The saffron of Gathering of Saffron brand is genuine and stands strong on the ISO standards, making it one of the unaltered saffron producing brands.

8. Surkh Saffron

Among the best saffron brands in India, Surkh Saffron holds a pristine place. The saffron produced by Surkh Saffron is distributed in the market after passing through multiple quality assurance and quality check for taste, smell and aroma. With its distinguishable flavour, taste and smell, saffron from Surkh Saffron is considered to be the best candidate for enhancing taste in different dishes along with bringing out the best aroma and colour of the dish in which it is utilized.

Surkh Saffron has also gained trust among the users because of its reported benefits in improving health. The consumption of saffron from this brand improves the immunity, digestion and memory power of the consumer. Moreover, it has shown improvement in skin texture, glow and quality by reducing dark spots and blemishes of the user.

9. Vedapure Saffron

Vedapure Saffron is is a brand that provides the best saffron in India. The quality of saffron strands produced and marketed by this brand stands high for its quality, hygiene and integrity. This brand is in the market for 5 generations and thus have gained trust for its quality in the saffron market. This brand is often chosen by herbal and ayurvedic practitioners.

The saffron from Vedapre is free from all additives live colours, preservatives and flavours. The production procedure also includes harvesting and drying that is done naturally by hand processes. Before producing the product in the market, the company take strides in ensuring that the final saffron product is of the finest, unmatched quality and premium flavour.

10. Kashmiri Pampore Organic Saffron

This is a pure Kashmiri saffron brand in India. Also, the brand has gained its name from the place where its final product is produced, Pampore. It is one of the rarest places where saffron is grown in the state of Kashmir. The shelf life of saffron from this brand is 3 years.

The saffron marketed by Kashmiri Pampore Organic Saffron is organic and is produced with the help of local farmers. This brand is a joint venture of the company with Pampore Saffron Growers Association in order to empower the local farmers of the state. This saffron has great medicinal value and is considered great for both women and infants. It has an optimum quantity of vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium and magnesium.

Benefits of Saffron

The purest and finest spice in the world saffron has a plethora of benefits because of its range of qualities. The hefty price of this finest spice is because of labour-oriented hard work that is included in the harvesting method of saffron. Below given are some of the benefits of consuming saffron:

  • The saffron plant and its extracts are high in antioxidants because of which saffron has the ability to improve the immunity of the body by making our body free from radicals.
  • This expensive spice is able to reduce stress, making its consumer free from neurotic diseases like depression.
  • They also have properties that protect the body from cancer-causing agents.
  • This potent spice has the ability to elevate mood and reducing mood swings.
  • Females can benefit from saffron as it reduces PMS symptoms.
  • This spice also helps in the reduction of appetite that enhances the weight loss journey.
  • This spice produced by the best Saffron brand in India helps in the reduction of heart diseases. This eventually aids in controlling diseases like rheumatism, blood sugar level, and so on.
  • Saffron is also known for improving both eyesight and memory.

How to use Saffron

This painstaking, hand-harvested spice from the Crocus sativus flower has multiple benefits but only when it is used in a particular method. If saffron is taken n large amounts that are more than required, then it can turn out to be toxic for the consumer. Below given are some of the common methods that can be utilized to benefit the most from saffron:

  1. In milk, saffron can be used by steeping its 2-3 strands in milk at lukewarm temperature for about 5-10 minutes.
  2. For enhancing metabolism, saffron water can be prepared by soaking 5- strands of saffron in water at lukewarm temperature for about 10 minutes. This water must be used by the consumer to drink empty stomach every morning.
  3. The unique flavour of soaked saffron enhances the taste and adds an exotic aroma to the food. These soaked stands of saffron can be added as a garnish to food like rice, etcetera.
  4. To use saffron in a face pack, one needs to soak saffron overnight in the bowl that can then be added with facial additives like milk, oil, and so on the next morning.


Buying saffron and finding the best one can be difficult but not when you know some pointers about this finest spice in the world. Read below-given questions about saffron that are asked by a plethora of people.

Which is the best saffron to buy?

There are different factors to find the best saffron to buy from the pile of saffron brands available. The factors that one must consider are smell, taste, and appearance. Great saffron smells both sweet and husky and ironically has a slightly bitter taste. Moreover, pure saffron is trumpet-shaped, rather than bulging at one of the ends.

Which is the best saffron brand in the world?

All brands hold unique factors. None of them is better or worse in any manner, but the selection depends on person to person and according to the use of saffron. Each saffron brand enlisted above is great for fragrance and taste and can be considered as the best options to buy. While the best saffron brand in India can be decided from the list stated above keeping the pointers in view.

What is saffron good for?

Saffron is one of the finest spice that has high antioxidants and thus has a plethora of health benefits. These benefits range from improvement in mood, enhancement in weight loss and reduction in PMS. Moreover, any person of any age group can consume this fine and pure spice, making it the easiest spice to add to one’s diet.

What is the best way to use saffron?

Saffron can be utilized in multiple ways. One of the common utility of saffron is its ability to dwell with homey, and comforting cooking. While cooking one can observe that adding a tiny pinch of saffron can bring exotic flavours and fragrance.

Can we drink saffron with water?

Yes, one can drink saffron with water. Moreover, it is often advised that girls who suffer from issues like menstrual cramps or problem in the flow of menstruation, then they must try taking saffron with water. This mixture of water with saffron can help in alleviating the pain and making sure that the flow of menstruation is apt.

Can I eat saffron threads?

Undoubtedly, one can eat saffron threads but in limited quality. Although, cooking with saffron can help in eliminating the risk of eating larger quantities of saffron threads. Moreover, eating 105g of saffron is considered safe for consumption while eating more than 5 g of saffron is considered to be a toxic dose.

Can I take saffron daily?

Yes, one can have saffron daily but in limited amounts. As when taken in limited quantity, one can take-in larger health benefits from this finest spice. On the other hand, a higher dosage can turn out to be harmful or toxic.

Can saffron help you lose weight?

Saffron can help in reducing the appetite which ultimately results in losing weight. The reduction in appetite prevents snacking, or the person taking the dosage of saffron snakes less frequently. This less snacking helps the person to lose weight as a result.

Wrap up on the best Saffron Brands in India 2022

This hefty-priced spice, saffron is collected from blossomed parts of the Crocus sativus plant. This spice has got its name from the common name of this spice, that is, Saffron. This spice, also known as Kesar is found to be auspicious and utilized by people on different occasions and for different purposes. We hope that this article will help you in deciding the best saffron brand in India.