Best Courier Services in India in 2022: Domestic & International

Explore a host of 12 best courier services in India in 2022 and know how the top services can secure faster and reliable deliveries.

With courier services starting in India as early as mid 80s’, there have been a host of best courier services in India in 2022 that have emerged as the prospective sources delivering packages from one place to the other. Since its inception, the industry has flourished big time.

Best Courier Services in India

Furthermore, the growth has been proliferated with the introduction of a number of ecommerce platforms that have changed the shopping experience all over the country and worldwide. The emergence of a list of best courier companies in India has paved the way for the steady growth of the courier industry with several valuable brands overtaking the market in no time.

An average estimation of about 5.5 million products are daily couriered across the country, with a total of 70 percent being online ecommerce products. The million dollar courier industry is causing waves in the market with being a potential source adding to the country’s revenue.

Every ecommerce service is always on the lookout for a reliable and efficient courier service that will join hands with them to manifest a greater means of business. With India being one of the biggest hotspots for ecommerce, the courier industry has been taken by a storm.

With special services such as same day delivery services and emergency delivery services, the courier services have gained their optimum presence all around the country. Among several notable ones, there are a few that offer an exceptional service, true to its kind.

Common Types of Courier Services:

With a larger dependency over courier services among individuals, the industry has introduced several types of courier services. Individuals and businesses have the liberty to choose the type of service they require, in accordance to their needs and budget.

1 – Standard courier services

The standard delivery is the most prevalent form of delivery that offers the most dependable kind for several small and medium parcel sizes. It might not be a very good idea for businesses that cannot efficiently predict the weight of the parcels.

The most standardized weight usually stays below 100 pounds. Parcel commodities that weigh more than the permitted weight are liable to pay additional fees.

2 – International courier service

This refers to a transport service that pertains from one country to another. This service is enabled through distinct means of transport such as sea, air and land to proliferate the most efficient nature of delivery.

This type of courier service usually costs higher than the former type of service. Services that specialize in international delivery offer an affordable rate that caters to the budget of the customers.

3 – Next Day Delivery

‘Millennials’ are now making most of the purchases online with next day delivery being an efficient solution for deliveries of all nature. Next day delivery India services are ideal for emergency deliveries and for couriers that requires last minute deliveries.

4 – Same day delivery services

As the name suggests, same day delivery denotes a type of delivery where customers are able to send a particular courier across on the very same day of placing the order. This is especially useful for emergency commodities that need to be sent out within a particular time period. However, the same day delivery services are majorly popular in metropolitan cities with increased facilities.
Pallet courier service

This service is involved in the safe delivery of goods on pallets. The courier service has been initiated to help clients meet stringent delivery deadlines at a cost effective price.
Furthermore, pallets enable the easy and convenient tracking of inventory. Largely beneficial for businesses using pallet delivery, this courier service simplifies the handling and storing of goods.

An Extensive List of the Best Courier Services in India 2022:

Ascertaining the best courier services in India 2022 might seem like a tough task with the emergence of myriad courier solutions. We have compiled the best resources to determine the top 12 that are a must for customers to consider.

Here is an insight to the top courier services that make sending and receiving couriers across the country a smooth affair.

1. BlueDart Courier

Bluedart Courier

The domestic catering partner of DHL, BlueDart has been recently acquired by the popular courier service company DHL. Developed as the largest delivery network with its operation as early as the 90s’, BlueDart Courier is managed by Anil Khanna, the Managing Director.

Being initially set up in Chennai, BlueDart has gradually emerged to be the one-stop solution of best domestic courier service in India. It surprises us with multiple warehouses across 72 locations throughout the country.

With individuals and customers wanting the best in the business, BlueDart is usually the option topping our minds. Acquiring a proven track record of low costs and super fast courier delivery, Blue Dart can be referred to as the ‘go-to’ delivery solution in India.

With the proficiency to ship across 220 countries in the world, BlueDart claims to be the quickest courier service in Asia. It had attracted a large number of consumers with its special express day delivery services.

The top courier service in India has also been a proud receiver of a number of awards with supporting valuable causes such as GoGreen, GoTeach pertaining to the domain of education, disaster management and the environment.

  • Pickup Facility
  • 99.9% recorded deliveries
  • Operates across 220 countries
  • Express Delivery
  • Set up in Chennai
  • INR 150 per KG

2. DTDC Courier

DTDC Courier

DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited ranks as the second popular online courier service in India with the company taking immense pride in itself for being the one in the forefront.

Embracing state-of-the-art technology, DTDC is the largest express delivery network with a sprawling network of 5800 channel partners across the country. With its operation from the year 1990, DTDC currently manifests an estimated 11 million shipments each month.

Reaching out to the footprint globally with services across 240 locations in the world which includes UK, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, China, Australia, and several other countries, the courier service ranks as one of the Best courier service in India.

With being headquartered in Bangalore, DTDC is one of the most preferred courier companies with a million shipments each month. It comes with another popular arm, DotZot which is known for its e-commerce delivery services.

  • A network of 5800 channel partners
  • Serves 240 locations
  • Operating since 1990
  • Headquartered in Bangalore
  • Offers a popular arm, DotZot
  • Charges INR 100 per kg

3. FedEx Courier

FedEx Courier

With the inception of FedEx as early as 1973 back in the United States, Fedex can be vouched as the global leader of the courier industry and Best courier service in India. Emerging as the largest express transportation corporation in India, FedEx offers swift and reliable services to deliver an estimated 3.6 million shipments on a business day.

Along with being a global leader, FedEx has also attained a reliable business in India with being the third best courier service. Emerging as a fast and reliable courier service provider, the company is headquartered in Memphis Tennessee.

The American service brand is well known for connecting individuals with goods in India and around the world that has helped them earn the name of being the best courier service for online business. Popular for offering overnight shipping delivery, FedEx promises a complete money-back guarantee.

Garnering a large team of professionals, FedEx serves around 200 countries in the world along with 450,000 team members offering consistent guidance.

  • An American courier shipping brand
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Headquartered in Memphis Tennessee
  • Overnight delivery
  • INR 135 for 0.5KG

4. Delhivery Courier

Delhivery Courier

For individuals looking for the best domestic shipment, Delhivery Courier is one of the top choices for individuals and ecommerce organizations. Popularly offering diverse facilities, Delhivery Courier offers commendable international and reverse logistics services to reach out to an extended group of individuals.

The third-party logistics service provider was founded back in the year 2011. It was founded by a team of five individuals namely Sahil Barua, Kapil Bharati, Mohit Tandon, Suraj Saharan and Bhavesh Manglani.

With its automatic online tracking system, it efficiently enables customers to track their shipments. The swift convenience of tracking the current status of parcels has offered improved comfort to individuals and restricted them from visiting local courier centres.

The primary vision lies upon becoming the leading operating ecommerce delivery provider in India with its wide range of logistics operation, cutting-edge technological advancement, world-class infrastructure facilities and expert team members.

By bringing forward a number of cost efficiency solutions with the primary aim to enable increased pan-India reach, Delhivery Courier is reaching a total of an estimated 15 million consumers each month. Being funded by big giant investors, Delhivery Courier accounts its success to being the best ecommerce courier service in India

  • Founded in the year 2011
  • Offers both international and national services
  • Offers pickup facility
  • Offers express delivery
  • Serves an estimated 15 million consumers each month
  • Charges INR 70 per kg

5. DHL Courier

DHL Courier

DHL, another premium global courier company in India ranks as the fifth best with its exceptional array of benefits and convenience. With DHL starting operation as early as 1970 and headquartered in Bonn Germany, the fifty years has made the company a lot stronger and a much more efficient one to compete among the best and cheap courier service in India.

With a sprawling presence across 220 countries in the world, DHL Courier offers solutions for a wide array of your logistic requirements. It offers domestic shipping, international, same day courier service, and express delivery shipping along with several advanced shipping solutions.

Offering online medium to track shipments right from the convenience of your home, DHL takes its delivery solutions a step further to providing warehousing shipments for small and medium scale businesses.

It furthermore vouches as being an affordable shipment option which lets individuals avail valuable shipment opportunities without incurring a lot of money. Today, it comprises three distinct divisions with DHL Express, Freight and DHL Supply Chain and DHL Global Forwarding.

Operating under the brand name of BlueDart in India, DHL is currently the largest logistics company in the entire world. A proud owner of five distinct airline subsidiaries, DHL directly competes with eminent stalwarts in the list as mentioned above.

  • Offers same day delivery services
  • Offers express delivery services
  • Operates under the brand name of BlueDart in India
  • The largest logistics company in the world
  • Owns five airline subsidiaries
  • Established in the year 1970
  • Present in 220 countries worldwide
  • Charges approx INR 60 per kg

6. Aramex Courier

Aramex Courier

Founded in the year 1996, Aramex India Pvt Ltd ranks as the 6th best courier services in India 2021. With its headquarter located in Mumbai, Aramex India offers Domestic Courier Services in addition to International services around the world.

Hosting a number of branches across all major cities in the country, the top courier service offers domestic and international express delivery service, logistics and warehousing, freight forwarding along with several other services. Aramex India was the first ever company to offer domestic, express and freight forwarding services at one single place.

A proud founder of the Global Distribution Alliance (GDA), Aramex brings together as many as 40 leading express and logistics providers from around the world, with each of them specializing in their own respective region. It offers a wide course of network offering a hub of an approximate 66,000 employees and 12,000 offices.

Serving a whopping 58 countries and 200 cities worldwide, Aramex is growing each day and building a huge network that promises greater achievements in the future making it one among the Best courier service in India.

  • Headquartered in Mumbai
  • Founded in 1996
  • Spread across 58 countries and 200 cities
  • Founded Global Distribution Alliance, (GDA)
  • The first ever courier company to offer domestic, express and freight forwarding services all at one place
  • Charges INR 65 per kg

7. Ecom Express Courier

Ecom Express Courier

A relatively new courier service company in India, Ecom Express has made its way to being the seventh most popular express courier service in India. Emerging as a popular hub of rendering end to end logistics solutions, the courier service is an expertise service provider offering local courier services, national and international delivery options.

Offering nationwide express delivery, Ecom Express has launched its operation in the year 2012. It has also established itself as the first ever courier service with a strong transportation network to keep delivering consistency along with a reduced air dependency.

The top service company has embedded a number of advanced technological solutions at each and every step of logistics with the primary aim of offering enhanced services to customers worldwide. This has been facilitated with the incorporation of paperless deliveries, end-to-end visibility along with real-time tracking.

Ecom is currently being heard to be building an innovative interactive platform that simplifies contact across each stage of delivery. The initiative is being developed with the aim of enabling the end customers to engage in direct interaction with the company and seek valuable information.

It has established a strong presence over 2400 towns and cities in the country with an increased approximate team size of more than 19000 staff members. Developing a large ability to reach more than 92 percent of the country’s population, Ecom Express undoubtedly seeks its place among the best courier services in India.

  • Launched in the year 2012
  • An approximate team of 19000 plus staff members
  • First courier service to introduce a stronger transportation network
  • Initiated paperless deliveries
  • 2500 delivery centres
  • Currently delivering interactive platform
  • Charges INR 54 per kg

8. XpressBees Courier

XpressBees Courier

One of the fastest growing e-logistics service providers, XpressBees secured its position as the 8th best courier service in India. With time, it has established itself as being one the most renowned courier companies in India and a go-to courier ecommerce service solution for the experts.

Emerging as the one-stop destination for several eCommerce parcels in India, XpressBees presents domestic courier services with same day and next day delivery option. Apart from these, it has also gone a step further to introduce maximum convenience for its customers to offer cash on delivery courier service.

Known for being the trusted partner for delivering swift logistics, the courier service has an exceptional track record of delivering approximate deliveries of more than 60,000 shipments in a day. It has introduced a renowned partnership with Shiprocket that helps faster delivery across 26000 pin codes.

It has established itself as one of the most renowned companies that ships products at the lowest costs possible. With time, it has managed as being the one stop destination offering a multitude of facilities to all.

  • Same Day delivery
  • Next Day delivery
  • Pick up facility
  • Try and Buy
  • A strong partnership with Shiprocket
  • Offers cash on delivery
  • Caters to 26,000 pin codes
  • Charges approximately INR 60-70 per kg

9. Professional Courier

Professional Courier

As the name suggests, the Professional Courier makes way for being a reliable company in India since its inception in the year 1987. Spread across a wide network of delivery persons and routes in India, the courier service allows individuals to place orders easily and acquire instant quotations.

Offering urgent and critical shipments throughout the country, the Professional Courier offers domestic and international shipments. Offering express service, air cargo service, logistics solutions, and pick and pack and several other services, it has paved the way to Professional Courier being one among the top courier companies in India.

With an extensive network in India, the courier service covers more than 40,000 destinations throughout the country. Supported by 200 major hubs along with 850 sub hubs, the company ensures service to over 24000 destinations in the country.

With a total of 2500 offices in the country, the Professional Courier offers a Proof of Delivery request that enables individuals to double check themselves on the courier getting delivered.

  • Established in 1987
  • Caters to 24000 destinations
  • 2500 offices
  • A proof of delivery request
  • Domestic and international shipments
  • Charges approximate INR 45 per 500 grams

10. Gati Courier

Gati Courier

The first e-Commerce logistics solution provider in India, Gati is backed by the stalwart of Express Distribution in the country, known as Gati E-Connect. With an extensive reach to more than 99% districts in the country, the solution offers B2B. B2C and C2C service solution.

Founded in the year 1989, the courier service is a proud leader in the field of supply chain solutions along with express distribution. With a strong presence not only in India, it has also expanded in SAARC and Asia Pacific Region.

Having established itself as the best courier service for perishable goods in India, Gati offers delivery by road and flight making them the trusted hub of delivery service in the country. Offering one day delivery courier services, Gati has expanded its wings to broaden out their reach across the country.

With an aim to help businesses meet their daily needs and requirements, Gati introduces high-speed air cargo movement that enables a larger reach even in remote areas. It offers cash on delivery payments that are enabled with integrated systems.

Offering a number of premium services, it ensures that shipment picked is delivered on the same day with the same day delivery services. With the aim to reach out to 19,000 pin codes, it covers a whopping 672 districts in the country.

  • Founded in the year 1989
  • Leader for delivering perishable goods in India
  • Offers same day delivery services
  • Serves 672 districts in India
  • Reaches out to 19,000 pin codes
  • Charges INR 15 per kg within the city while INR 25 intrastate. Charges around INR 100 for 25 to 50KM, INR 300 for 50 to 100Km and INR 600 for above 100KM

11. India Post

India Post

There is hardly any other courier service that has been in the business as long as the India Post. This government run postal system is also known as ‘The Post Office’ in India. Acclaiming itself as being the most affordable service solution in the country, India Post is focused on offering affordable and reliable courier services in India.

By partnering with a number of courier companies across the world, India Post has made its way to being the cheap and best courier service in India since its inception in the year 1854. Founded by Lord Dalhousie, the courier service was introduced to deliver affordable services. With integrating an innovative e-commerce portal on the website, it has enabled e-commerce deliveries a lot easier.

India Post, headquartered in Sansad Marg in New Delhi enables individuals to log on to the website and access the e-commerce portal while booking for delivery. Introducing the high-speed postal service named Speed Post, it ensures faster delivery of letters, parcels, documents, cards and a number of valuable possessions.

Initiating the service named ‘EMS Speed Post’, it enables Status Tracking Service helping people acquire a status of their parcel. Accounting an approximate total of 433,417 employees in the country, the cheap courier service offers both domestic and international deliveries to enable economical and faster services.

  • Formed in the year 1854
  • A government run service
  • Offers services such as letter post, freight, deposit account, EMS and much more
  • The longest running postal system in India
  • Headquartered in New Delhi
  • Offers an approximate 433,417 employees in its team
  • Most affordable courier service in India
  • Charges INR 47 per kg within local municipality area, INR 106 for 201-1000KM

12. Trackon Courier

Trackon Courier

Rendering 17 years experience to the business, Trackon secures the 12th position in the list of courier companies in India. Starting out in 2002, Trackon Courier initiated with two offices situated in Mumbai and Delhi.

Expanding each day with the family growing from two offices to a large network of an approximate 10,000 employees, the courier service aims to keep rendering an unstoppable service in the country. The company shares promising partnerships with successful business associated and trusted franchisees seeking maximum customer satisfaction.

With offering domestic and international services, TrackOn manages to take the step forward and offer express delivery services pan India and across the globe. The promise to offer exceptional value added services such as risk coverage, reverse pick up services, and cash on delivery services has helped the company garner an added customer base across the country.

With launching its brainchild, Prime Track in the year 2010, Trackon guarantees an improved and faster delivery. The innovative initiative has been taken to adhere by the growing requirements of the customers.

Serving approx 5000 pin codes each day, the 12th Best courier service in India can be blindly trusted upon for personal and business deliveries.

  • Established in the year 2003
  • Runs with approx 10,000 employees
  • Introduced Prime Track to offer prompt delivery
  • Caters to approx 5000 pin codes each day
  • Charges INR 300 per kg


Which is best courier service in India?

Although the list is a long one, however the best courier service in India can be referred to BlueDart Courier Service known for being the largest delivery network in India.

Which is the fastest courier service in India?

DHL courier service is popular for being the fastest in India which also caters to more 220 countries apart from India.

Which is cheapest courier service in India?

The cheapest courier service in India is India Post, a government run courier service that offers affordable pricing solutions.

Which is the faster courier or speed post?

Courier service is the fastest in India with offering service even on Sundays, whereas Speed Post remains shut on Sundays.

Which is cheaper courier or speed post?

Speed post is relatively cheaper as compared to courier.

What is the difference between parcel and courier?

Parcel is a small individual delivery in the form of a parcel whereas a courier offers a wider range of services and specializes in delivering bulk and heavy parcel orders.

How many days does a courier take?

A courier takes around 1-3 business days to reach the destination.

Do couriers charge by weight or size?

Couriers charge on the basis of the weight and not by size.

Make Most of the Best Courier Service in India in 2022

It takes a quantifiable amount of effort and competence to be the best in the business and keep catering to the growing needs and requirements of a modern day individual/business. With the help of a number of innovative and value added services, the above mentioned courier services in India have paved their way to keep their delivery promises intact.

The above mentioned services have been analyzed on the basis of their service, affordability and their unique propositions. Each of them will outrank one another when compared with each other.
With the aim of delivering information, products and services across the country and the world, the 12 best courier services in India are brands that you can completely vouch upon. Trust the best in the business to avail faster and reliable means of delivery, irrespective of the destination, time and requirement.